Tea and other herbal infusions

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Deliciously creamy and refreshing with a depth of flavor that lingers on the palate, perfect after the meal and of course free of caffeine.

DELICATE and RELAXING Cherished by the ancient Greeks, thanks to its soothing and digestive properties. Generally, the manzanilla tasting is natural, however, is enriched in aromatic and slightly fruity notes if sugar or honey is added.

Pu Erh red tea, has a particular consideration, as their long and complex process of fermentation, gives you a series of very special qualities.

Black tea is a tea which is oxidized to a greater degree than the varieties of green tea, oolong tea, and white tea. The four listed varieties are prepared with leaves of Camellia sinensis. Black tea usually has a stronger aroma and contains more caffeine than other teas with lower levels of...

Linden or lime tree tea is an infusion which is made with the fruit shaped flower of some species of the genus tilia (lindens).

The rich district of Assam of India teas are mixed with full taste of Sri Lankan teas and sparkling teas from East Africa to produce a soothing tea and raises make it an ideal accompaniment for cakes and scones.

The Earl Grey tea has an exquisite flavor that gives you an unique blend of black teas and bergamot. It has a wide range of both physical and also mental health benefits.

This blend of fine teas from China is light, delicate and refreshing.

Darjeeling tea, regarded as the Champagne of teas, is the most coveted black tea. Only certain Japanese green and white teas and some Chinese can make shadow to its prestige and quality.

Apreciada por los griegos antiguos gracias a sus propiedades relajantes y digestivas. Generalmente, la manzanilla se degusta al natural, sin embargo, se enriquece de notas aromáticas y ligeramente afrutadas si se le añade azúcar o miel.

The free black tea is primarily a rusty, that is to say black tea. It gives a copper, bright and rich, fresh and intense flavor infusion. The most outstanding properties of the free black tea are: energy, astringent and cardio-vascular.

Also known as rooibos tea, rooibos tea has become quite popular worldwide due to its good properties, that are weight loss, improve digestive problems or don't have caffeine, unlike other teas.

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items