Decaffeinated Coffee

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The best qualities cultivated and selected from the source, and listed with a natural Decaffeination method, to keep intact all the aromatic properties of the coffee. In grains and in practical single dose sachets.

Intense Segafredo - Nespresso -Box of 80 units - Mixture of Arabica and Robusta (0.10% caffeine) - Ideal for short espressos. Each capsule at just 0.30

Para quien es particularmente sensible a la cafeína y se orienta hacia un estilo de consumo saludable, pero no quiere renunciar al placer de un óptimo café, Segafredo Zanetti propone Deca Crèm.

For those who are particularly sensitive to caffeine and are oriented towards a healthy consumption, but does not want to give up the pleasure of an optimum coffee, Segafredo Zanetti offers Deca Crèm.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items