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At the zenith of the Piedmont wines, practically nothing and no one makes shadow to Barolo. This designation brings together some of the most prestigious wines of the italian wine . With this Barolo from Prunotto, we have a friendly and enjoyable version that despite being its most basic range,...

The grapes are destalked and pressed, they must ferment for 10 days in contact with the skins, with a maximum temperature of 30 ° C. Malolactic in barrel which was completed before the end of the winter. 

The generic appellation Barbera d´Alba is one of the most popular wines from Prunotto, ideal to start the virtues of a grape - la Barbera - delivering wines with high acidity and some characteristic aromas of cherries. A young red wine, easy to drink, with a grateful fresh acidity.

The wine is a vivid and intense ruby red with aroma of grape and fruit (plum and cherry). The grapes that grow in the light and soil with loose texture and modern winemaking techniques that allow producers to obtain and keep the fruit and freshness and that combine to make this a young wine that...

Lambrusco red wine quality, ideal for a good plate of pasta or a light dinner.

Lambrusco quality red wine , ideal for a good plate of pasta or a light dinner.

Wine of italian origin sparkling flavored, with strawberry and lollipop flavour, very sweet and with a fine taste and very fruity. Serve very cold between 6 and 8 ° C. Excelent as an appetizer, with all kinds of desserts. 

Frieuli Venzia Giulia Variedad:  Pinot Grigio Blanco Seco 0,750 cl

Tinto Valpolicella Clásico Corte Lenguin Zona: Veneto 0,750 cl

Bodega BOLLA    Tinto / 0,750 l Veneto 90% Garganega, 10% Trebbiano di Soave

Winery BOLLA    Red wine / 0,750 l Region: Veneto Grapes: 75% Corvina and Corvinone, 25% Rondinella.

Bodega BOLLA    0,750 l / Tinto 70% Corvina y Corvinone, 30% Rondinella y otras variedades de la zona

BOLLA Winery 0,750 l / Prosecco 100% Glera (known as PROSECCO).

Produced by the company Conti Formentini, who comes from the careful care of the delicate grape and has an harmonious finish. With characteristic varietal aromas that place it immediately in the collio territory. Excellent to accompany tortillas, sea bass with salt and vegetables dishes such as...

This red is made from grapes from the vineyards that Braccesca has on the environment of the city of Montepulciano. A classic of the region in which the Sangiovese is the protagonist and which is accompanied by the Merlot in a blend which shows fruit, with hints of violet and vanilla on the nose...

Frieuli Veneceia Giulia Variedad:  Blanco Seco

Red Wine Antinori Chianti Classico (Italy) Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon 0.75 l

Red Wine Denomination of origin: Tuscany Winery: Antinori Santa Cristina Grapes: 60% Sangiovese, 40% Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah Botle: 0, 75 L

Grapes: Sangiovese (55%), Syrah (5%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Merlot (15%)

Type of wine: Red wine Denomination of origin: toscana (Tuscany, Italy) Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc (5%), Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) Winery:Antinori Volum: 75 cl , other volumes

Red wine Age :2013 other ages Denomination of origin: toscana (Tuscany, Italy) Winery: Antinori Volum: 75 cl Grapes: Sangiovese (55%), Syrah (5%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Merlot (15%) Vol. Of alcohol:13%

Difese, known as the third Sassicaia wine, is made with vines of a neighbouring plot of the farm, so the notable difference in their price range. And it is also said that this wine was created as a result of Priscilla Incisa Della Rocchetta´s wedding, the granddaughter of the founder.

Guidalberto is a younger brother of the Sassicaia produced since 2000 with younger vineyards, although faithfully follow his style. The Cabernet sauvignon is accompanied in this case of the Merlot and transforms it into a very elegant and refined red because he brings richness, density, accuracy...

With lots of fruit, elegant and intense, the DOCG Melini Pian of Masso Chianti wine is a good choice for those who want the quality and innovation of a consecrated wine cellar.

MARCHESI DE FRESCOBALDI Red Wine Age: 2015, other ages Denomination of Origin: Chianti (Tuscany, Italy) Winery: Marchesi di Frescobaldi Volum: 75 cl Grapes: Sangiovese (90%), Merlot (10%) Alcohol Vol.: 13%

Chianti is a red wine from Tuscany produced mainly from Sangiovese grapes. There are six classical areas of Chianti. If the wine comes from the actual area of Chianti between Florence and Siena, you can call it Chianti Classico or Chianti Classico Reserva.

Showing 1 - 30 of 45 items