Cakes and Frozen desserts

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Typical napolitan traditional sweet, 8 units

Delicate carrot dough sprinkled with sugar.1150 gr 1150 gr

Ricotta and cream cheese with strawberries and currants on a base of biscuit. Net weight: 1500Gr

Cream of ricotta and mascarpone with caramel sauce, covered with cream brulee almonds. Net weight: 1500Gr

Spain cake with cheese cream and strawberries Net weight: 1200 Gr

Hojaldre con crema pastelera de limón, con almendras y piñones. Peso Neto: 1300Gr

Sicilian lemon cream-covered meringue cakes flambé Net weight: 1000Gr

Vanilla cream puffs filled with cream and covered with chocolate cream Net weight: 1300Gr

Chocolate cream puffs and covered with vanilla cream. Net weight: 1100Gr

Tasty pastry stuffed with apple slices Net weight: 1300Gr

Smooth chocolate with grains of almond dough Net weight: 900Gr

Cream with cherries, chocolate and cream cake decorated with chocolate cocoa Net weight: 1150Gr

Bizcocho de cacao relleno con crema de avellana y chocolate decorado con virutas de chocolate con leche Peso Neto: 1200Gr

Cake with cocoa filling of pure chocolate covered with apricot jam Net weight: 800Gr

Cocoa sponge cake filled with chocolate cream (45%), decorated with squares of chocolate with milk (0.6%) Net weight: 1460Gr

Cake decorated with pure cocoa zabaione cream Net weight: 1750Gr

Classic Austrian apple pie. A mixture of apples, raisins and spices, all wrapped in a mass of puff pastry and decorated with glaze sliced apples. Net weight: 1100Gr

Pastry with almonds and sliced apple. Net weight: 1250Gr

Todo requesón, con un delicado relleno de pera entre os crujientes galletas con almendras Peso Neto: 1100Gr

Classic Neapolitan cake with ricotta cheese and orange essence. Net weight: 1500Gr

Puff pastry stuffed with pastry cream Net weight: 1350Gr

Sponge cake stuffed with white and bitter chocolate decorated with filigree of chocolates. Net weight: 1200Gr

Wafer filled with cottage cheese sweetened, decorated with candied orange and chocolate drops Net weight: 120 gr x 10 units

Chocolate sprinkled with cocoa cream mousse Net weight: 1400Gr

Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items